Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Mr. Ru Yán

Mr Yán initially graduated from the modern Fuzhou University in Fuzhou, China, with a Masters degree in Economics which led him to study further in the USA and Europe working with several mining multinationals including BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, before finally founding Premier Gold Worldwide in 2012.

Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Zhao Qiáo

Mr Qiáo graduated from the Imperial Capital University in 1977 with a bachelors degree in geology, which allowed him to enter his career with British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto. Mr Qiáo's expertise on the subject of corporate governance combined with his broad wealth of knowledge on the subject of mineral exploration and cost minimisation has allowed Premier Gold Worldwide to become one of the fastest growing companies in the Chinese mining sector.

Executive Director - Mr. Lau Cài

Mr Cài graduated from the Nanjing University (National Central University), with a bachelors degree in finance and economics, before further undertaking a doctorate in geology leading to a career with the Amer International Group's Shenzhen mining operations - one of China's largest mining producers. His knowledge of exploratory mining and local area knowledge and business connections have been invaluable to Premier Gold Worldwide.

Non Executive Director - Mr. Ji Zhōu

As an NED Mr. Ji Zhōu plays no role in the administrative execution of the company. He studied at the China University of Geosciences in Hubei-Wuhan, before taking up a director’s position in China’s General Nuclear Power Holding Corp (CGNPC) with the uranium mining department. Mr. Ji Zhōu took joined Premier Minerals board of directors in 2013, but continues to consult for several exploratory mining companies. His knowledge of exploration mining and drilling has been extremely valuable to the company over the past 3 years in designing and stimulating growth and expansion.

Non Executive Director - Mr. Chen Zhāng

Mr. Chen Zhāng joined Premier Gold Worldwide in 2012 shortly after the company was founded. His Masters Degree in Business Administration and experience working with Barrick Gold made him an ideal candidate to oversee the management procedures and financial decisions made by the board of directors.

Directors Statement

"As Chief Executive Officer here at Premier Gold Worldwide I am immensely proud of both my management team and the success the team has produced in terms of mineral production and growth since the company was created in 2012. Whilst Premier Gold Worldwide remains a fledgeling in the world of mineral sourcing and milling, our exponential growth over recent years gives confidence and great expectations for the company as a whole for the future. As always I remain supremely confident in our currently producing operations, but more importantly in 2018, our initial assessments suggest greater than expected mineral reserves in those recently acquired exploration sites also."

Mr. Zhao Qiáo

Board of Directors

Corporate Governance

Premier Gold Worldwide is governed and managed by a strict and regularly reviewed set of policies, set in place to protect the rights of its shareholders. For further information pertaining to our corporate governance policies please contact us for more information

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