We're always looking for talented people to join our team. Our collaborative, high-energy environment encourages us to work closely together, and we want people who share our desire to help create a healthier tomorrow. If you have the drive – the desire to succeed – and want to have a positive impact on the people and communities around you, we want you!

If you possess experience and skills that you believe could benefit Premier Gold Worldwide in any of its operations, then please send your curriculum along with a cover letter or email to our careers information department at

Please bear in mind that we receive a large volume of applications on a daily basis, and it is therefore only possible to respond to those applicants who are suitable for a vacancy at any given time. If however, you do not receive a response immediately, this does not mean that you will not be contacted in the future for any openings that may later arise within our organisation.

Here at Premier Minerals we aim to offer careers as opposed to short term jobs, as well as seeking to recruit from within the local communities within which we work.


At the present time Premier Gold Worldwide is not actively hiring, although with its planned expansion in the Hennan province due to commence in May 2018, vacancies are expected to be posted here in the near future.

Careers Requirements

At Premier Gold Worldwide we seek to ensure that our management team is second to none in order that our government and direction produces maximum throughput at minimum cost whilst ensuring safety procedures are followed and regularly reviewed.

For this reason our career requirements for management level positions are comparatively high when compared to other companies within the mining sector. Conversely of course, experience is valued, and each career application is treated on a case by case basis.

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